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How long does it take to install a garage floor?

A typical garage floor installation will take two days, ambient temperature dependent.

When can I walk on my new garage floor?

After installation has been completed, light foot traffic is allowed in 24 hours.

How long before I can drive on my new garage floor?

After installation has been completed, vehicle traffic is allowed after 72 hours.

Are your garage floor coatings slippery when wet?

Epoxy & urethane coatings are no more slippery than concrete when wet. With the inclusion of a chip/flake broadcast or high-wear, traction-control additive, your floor’s slip coefficient can be reduced.

How is a concrete floor prepared for a coating?

Concrete can be cleaned/degreased and either acid etched or mechanically scarified. Mechanical scarification is most frequently achieved via diamond grinding. If utilizing a common acid such as methyl ether or muriatic, once the concrete is etched, the acid is neutralized by flushing with copious amounts of water.

If I have an existing paint, sealer or coating on my floor, can it be coated over with new epoxy or does it need to be removed?

If your existing coating is well-adhered, it can be cleaned up with solvents and utilized as a primer coating about 75% of the time. Once cleaned & sanded (to allow for a proper new coating adhesion), our 100% solids epoxy can be applied followed by a chip broadcast and protective, polyurethane or polyaspartic top coating. This results in a 25-30 mils thick coating with a tenacious intercoating bond. If your existing coating is poorly adhered to the underlying concrete, then state-of-the-art diamond grinding floor equipment can be utilized to methodically remove the old coating and suitably profile the substrate to material specifications.

How do I clean my new floor coating once it has been completed?

Avoid abrasive cleaners, including chlorine and bleach, which may dull, discolor or stain the surface. We do not recommend pressure washing for any coated surface. Pressure washing with high psi can even damage the concrete itself. Dove soap and water with a towel works well. Chemicals/spills should ideally be cleaned up within 24 hours for the best outcomes.

Do you offer a warranty?

We offer a limited lifetime warranty on our products. Naturally, issues that occur which are beyond our control are not covered; for example, impacts to the floor from acts of God, concrete slab shifting, weather, fire, flooding, rain, salt seepage, seismic movement, insects and crawling creatures are not covered.

Are you a manufacturer of epoxy and concrete coating materials?

Yes. When we first started our business in 2008, our contractors used many local materials and these substandard materials tended to fail or prematurely delaminate within a few weeks to a few years. Many of the manufacturers of these inferior materials are no longer in business or have changed their name; hence, we had a chemist formulate our own BulletProof Brand materials which were designed with a superior molecular structure and built to last. Contractors and homeowners now purchase our BulletProof Brand materials around the world.

I heard that once temperatures go over 80F, it is too late to apply coatings. Is this true?

Many epoxies and concrete coatings materials can be kept on ice in extreme temperatures for an hour or two prior to an application, as long as the materials are not allowed to freeze. This increases the pot life (working time) without affecting the efficacy of the coating application. Another indusry tip: the coating materials may be kept in an air conditioned space for a day or two prior to the application. We know contractors in the Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico deserts who regularly apply our coatings in 110F – 118F summer weather with no issues.

Do you have Application Instructions with Specs and MSDS sheets for your products?

Yes. When you order products from us, we provide you with this information.

If I want to perform the concrete coating application myself, will you be available for questions about how to do it properly?

When you purchase materials from Bulletproof Brand, we make ourselves available for telephone, text and email consultation before, during and after your application. Some people contact us 5-10 times to ensure that they are mixing and applying our coatings according to specifications. We’d rather you get it right the first time, and so, we share our knowledge base with you.

Do you also sell the tools to perform the coating applications?

Yes, we have a variety of tools which we sell on our website so that you can complete your coating applications effectively… and often we sell them at prices much lower than you can find at your local hardware stores. Don’t forget to purchase your set of spiked shoes. By wearing spiked shoes during your application, you can make sure that, if you missed a spot or applied the material too thinly in an area, you can simply walk out over the coating you just applied and touch it up with more material. Applicators never leave home without their spiked shoes. We also sell the typical tools you’ll need: roller frames, naps & chip brushes.



concrete coatings Phoenix