The BulletProof Brand Difference

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BulletProof Brand Concrete Coatings consistently ranks #1 amongst concrete floor coating companies nationwide. Our apex epoxy coating materials have been engineered to possess the strongest & most durable molecular structure on the market today. Our PhD-level chemists have designed our superior materials to last 20+ years when properly maintained.

 When we first entered the concrete coatings arena, we recognized that there were many inferior floor coating materials out there in the marketplace. Unsuspecting consumers, contractors and applicators used these inferior materials on residential and commercial concrete floors, and much to their dismay, found that these coatings prematurely delaminated.

Our company’s principal obsession with innovation, coating longevity and customer satisfaction has translated into very happy customers. In our quality-control department on the factory floor, our experts test every type of material produced. Nothing leaves our factory without being scrutinized to ensure that the product has met its specifications. Immersion tests have been conducted against a variety of household liquids including mustard, urine, oil, gasoline, alcohol as well as a variety of acids to safeguard that your coating does not prematurely delaminate.

concrete coatings Phoenix

Applicators apply more than 2 million square feet annually. Applicators who purchase and utilize our BulletProof Brand, 100%-solids, epoxy materials for their garage floor coating projects are able to provide pricing to consumers 2x to 3x lower than the closest competitor. “100% solids” is defined as a coating which is not cut with water nor solvents. Applicators will often charge $1.99/sf or less for a 100% solids, BulletProof Brand garage floor epoxy coating system.

concrete coatings Phoenix

Concurrent with the significant improvement of the real estate market in recent times, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of consumers who wish to improve the value of their residential properties by applying a garage floor epoxy system or an old-world stained concrete interior. Even distinctive, metallic illusion epoxy finishes are not just for nightclubs and restaurants anymore.  Homeowners now want these glamorous, custom finishes inside their game rooms, media rooms and family rooms.  Applicators with artistic flair and clever craftsmanship have a variety of techniques in their toolbox to deliver the “Wow” factor. Clients who are selling their homes are obtaining up to a 150% return on their investment on a high-end, Metallic Illusion floor for their residences. And….maintenance couldn’t be easier with an aquaphobic coating system which permanently seals your concrete.

concrete coatings Phoenix

Applications & Features

Garage Floor Transformations

Residential Homes & Apartment Unit Floors

High-Traffic Polyaspartic Retail Store Coatings

Manufacturing & Warehouse 100% Solids Epoxy Flooring

Restaurant, Nightclub & Bar Metallic Illusion Modern Finishes

High-Gloss Hydrophobic Sealers

Superior Abrasion & Scratch-Resistance Chemistry

Decorative Quartz Systems for Food & Beverage

Tenacious Intercoating Adhesion

Maximum Cleanability

Custom Flake/Chip Color Blends

Stone Coat for Automobile Dealers & Service Centers

Oil & Gas-Resistant Aircraft Hangar Flooring

Rubberized Flooring for Hospitals, MD Offices and Senior-Living Facilities

ElectroStatic-Dissipating (ESD) Coatings for Computer Rooms & Electronics Manufacturing

School & Cafeteria Food Formulation Coatings

Chemical-Resistant Superior Novolac Materials

Military-Grade Epoxy Mortar Applications

Tenacious Prison Surfaces

Quick-Curing Polyaspartic Coatings for Fast Overnight Turnaround Requirements

Hard-Surface Densifiers & Nano Technology Coatings

Specially-Formulated Oil-Stop Primers

Anti-Slip High-Wear Additives

Thick Mil systems for restoring cracked and pitted concrete

Moisture Barrier Materials for Excessive Vapors

Cementitious Overlays to Create a New Canvas

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