Two Major Mistakes When Installing a DIY Epoxy Garage Floor

by BulletProof Brand Concrete Coatings

To plan a new installation of a Phoenix Arizona epoxy garage floor, there are some kinds of information that you must learn so that you can avoid making major mistakes during the AZ concrete coating installation. BulletProof Brand Concrete Coatings are experts in residential, commercial and industrial concrete coatings manufacturing. Our recommended, local applicators possess a collective 50+ years in installing epoxy coatings on homeowners’ garage floors and business owners’ concrete floors.

  1. Proper Prep Prevents Poor Floor Performance
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Acid etching concrete

Your Phoenix AZ garage floor surface preparation will ensure the success of the epoxy floor coating installation and it’s longevity and useful life.  A chemical-resistant and scratch-resistant, reliable garage floor is required to hold up over time to the searing Sonoran desert heat and its unpredictable weather. Our Ph.D. chemists have formulated our Bulletproof Brand materials to exceed this challenge throughout the years. There will be no hot-tire pickup or premature delamination with our apex products. Our materials are guaranteed for a lifetime.

Before applying epoxy to your Arizona garage floor, you must make sure that the surface is perfectly clean and contaminant-free. This means that there should be no residual oil, gasoline, brake fluid, rust stains, gum, paint splatter or other contaminants. One way to accomplish this, if there is no existing paint, coating or sealer on the garage floor, is to acid etch the substrate. Muriatic or methyl-ether acid will work well. A 4:1 water-to-acid ratio will properly etch (profile) the surface so that the epoxy coating Phoenix, when applied, bonds securely to the concrete. It is crucial not to underestimate the floor preparation; otherwise, your epoxy garage coating will likely fail in the not-to-distant future.

Another method to prep your garage floor, if you happen to have an existing coating, is to utilize a diamond grinder to remove the coating. This is done to create new canvas on which your Bulletproof Brand epoxy will bond tenaciously to the concrete substrate. BulletProof Brand coatings withstand up to 9,100 psi, 40x more pressure than a tractor-trailer fully loaded can exert on your garage surface. If you are unable to rent a diamond grinding floor machine, contact us for coating removal questions. We recommend licensed, seasoned applicators who own over $100,000 worth of grinding equipment and tend to have the lowest pricing around.

2. Ensuring that Your Garage Floor is Dry

An epoxy garage floor can also fail if you don’t make certain that the concrete slab is in a dry condition (less than 5%) before applying the Scottsdale epoxy coating. This is crucial because a slab that is still wet will trap moisture under the coating, and through osmosis, migrate & push up through the coating, creating ugly bubbles. If this occurs, don’t worry, it is fixable. BulletProof products excel at solving your Arizona concrete coating problems.

One way to dry your garage floor is to simply leave your garage door open overnight to create air flow across the floor surface in order to evaporate any residual moisture trapped in the slab. Some applicators will speed up this evaporation process by blowing air across the surface with a leaf blower. In colder climates, industrial heat lamps & large floor fans can be utilized.

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