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Metallic flooring systems offer a custom, modern touch to residential and commercial floor décor. Restaurant, night club, sporting venue, game room, basement and garage floors are an ideal canvas for this unique and impressive, three-dimensional flooring finish. Despite the craftsmanship and care a metallic flooring finish requires, it can be difficult to expound & delineate a client’s expectations for the final finish.

Set Realistic Expectations

When offering a metallic flooring finish, it’s important that your customer understands that the final finish is wholly unpredictable. Listen to your customers’ needs and set appropriate expectations from the very start. Do they want a high-gloss or lower-gloss finish? Do they want tight swirls or loose swirls? Do they want a hammered look? Project photos are essential, and sample boards may help clients envision how the final finish might look. Failure to clearly communicate at the first stages of the project could lead to disagreements down the road.

Environmental Impact

Clients need to know that simple changes in weather during application can drastically impact cure rates, and hence, drying times, for a metallic illusion flooring system. Ambient & concrete temperatures, barometric pressure and existing moisture content will impact the final finish of the metallic floor system. The density of the concrete when originally poured and the type of fiber reinforcement utilized, if any, also will impact the look of the floor. Even when contractors create a sample board in a controlled environment and on a different type of substrate, it can and will often look quite different from the final finish at the project site.

Understanding How Colors Settle

When creating samples for clients, it’s critical to note which colors and their respective percentages have been utilized for each sample. How the metallic pigments will move and ultimately settle on the floor surface depends upon the slope of the substrate and the number of highs & lows throughout the floor. Shooting stars often will appear on a pitched floor and is a normal and customary expectation of a metallic custom finish. Even batch colors can vary during manufacturing from month-to-month and year-to-year.

Protective Top Coatings

There are several options for use of a protective top coating in order to protect the beauty of the underlying metallic illusion floor for many years to come. What is applied can be determined by asking your client questions about the purpose & usage of the floor. If foot traffic is solely allowed and a high-gloss finish is desired, then a high-gloss, cycloaliphatic polyurethane may be utilized. Should a lower sheen be desired, then several coatings of acrylic wax may be utilized. If the area will be high-traffic area, then a more durable polyaspartic coating can be used. Urethanes can exhibit an orange peel effect and is to be expected. This can be avoided with an additional coat of clear epoxy if the application will be completed indoors with minimal sun exposure.


Active and ongoing communication will help set clients’ expectations and ensure that your project is a success. Especially with metallic flooring systems, it’s best to over-communicate with a client because the final look depends on so many mitigating factors. It is important it is to actively listen to your customer’s preferences.

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