Sweep or dust mop daily for high traffic areas and weekly for low traffic areas. Remove rugs and sweep beneath furniture to remove as much grit as possible. (It is important to remove abrasives that can scratch or wear the surface as people or things are moving across the surfaces.)

Use a neutral non-alkaline, non-acidic floor cleaner or a cleaner specifically formulated to clean epoxy floors. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaner dilution in water. More cleaning solution is not always better. Allow the cleaning solution to dwell on the surface for about 5 minutes or as directed. Mop up the cleaning solution with clear distilled water before the solution dries.

It is advisable to use materials that are neutral with a pH factor between 7 and 10. BulletProof Brand Concrete Coatings recommend avoiding all-purpose cleaners or soaps containing water soluble, inorganic or crystallizing salts, harmful high alkali or acid ingredients. Many sweeping compounds contain oils, which may be a fire hazard or cause slippery surfaces. Other sweeping compounds may contain sand which is difficult to sweep and can abrade or dull the floor surface.

Prior to maintaining and cleaning your epoxy floor coating phoenix for the first time, we recommend that you test the cleaning solution in a small area on your garage floor, industrial floor, basement floor or exterior patio to determine its ability to clean and not leave a film on the surface of the concrete coating. Your cleaning solution should not gum up your mop when cleaning your floor. You can then remove the cleaning solution with a foam squeegee or mop and rinse with ample clean distilled water. It is important to keep the floor wet during this entire cleaning process so the dirt does not dry up on the floor. Your tap water may cause a foggy effect on the cleaned surface because of the soluble salts it contains. In addition, the water quality may vary  widely in different geographic locations; therefore, the same cleaning product may not work the same in all locations.

Mop the floor as needed or at least weekly. High traffic areas may need to be mopped more frequently depending on spills or soil buildup. Bulletproof Brand recommends that use of a good micro-fiber mop to clean the surface. Regular mop heads tend to leave streaks on the surface. Micro-fiber mop heads make it easier to eliminate streaks on the surface.

Dry the floor with a dry micro-fiber mop or large towel. Drying the floor prevents streaks and dust lines on the surface of the epoxy.

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Ensure that any chair or furniture legs or shelving legs have rubber caps on them or carpet squares underneath them so as to maintain the beauty of your concrete coating Arizona for many years to come. The metal or wood feet can cut/wear into the coating over a period of time, especially if they move across it.

When moving any furniture, equipment or shelving, ensure that they are not dragged across the floor. Hard or sharp ends will scratch/gouge the floor surface. Always use a dolly with rubber wheels or lift items and gently place on the coating surface.

Clean up all spills as soon as possible, preferably within 24 hours or less. The epoxy floor coating has excellent chemical resistance but spills allowed to dwell on the surface may stain or begin to degrade the coating surface.